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This is my confinement story as a photographer.

Until then I spent my days shooting the streets of Barcelona’s center. I enjoyed documenting the ever moving, sometimes shocking, always colorful, rivers of tourists. On March 13th, 2020, full lockdown of the Catalan city of Igualada was declared, only one day before Barcelona’s.

This day, I came home and dropped my camera on the table in the living room. I had a hard time explaining why I could not even touch it. In an attempt, I got to use the image of the dog that, the very moment you grab the leash, wags its tail because it knows it means “going out” … Well, to me, grabbing the camera meant something close enough.

So I left the camera where I’d dropped it the whole time. I chose instead to capture with my (old) phone what staying confined in my tiny flat (yes, flats are commonly tiny in Barcelona. Most of social activities and life take place outside), on my own, meant.

One shot a day…my #diaryofboredom went on for months. Back then, I chose that that title for the project, firmly believing time would feel endless. I, on that point, was fully wrong. I did not find a moment to get bored, but the name will remain. Diary of Boredom in joint exhibitions:

Proyecto Miradas Adentro. (19 Photographers from all over Spain tell their own confined story) – #ICPConcerned: Global Images for Global Crisis, International Center of Photography New York – 36 Fotografs Confinats (Curated by Photographic Social Vision and projected at the XI Biennal de la Fotografía Xavier Miserachs in Palafrugel, and the XII Jornades de Fotografía del Masnou) Published in Papiers (La Revue de France Culture) nº35.



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